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One year later ~

Holidays have come and gone. Looks like eventually I will get my wish, husband drank so much his blood pressure was 184/113, could have been 131, not sure, with respiratory difficulties. I told him to prepare his will so I know where I stand with this property. I think in Massachusetts w/o a will everything goes to me, the wife. My community garden neighbor is an estate attorney, maybe I can trade some zucchini for advice. :)

Been a long time

Wow. I haven't journal-ed in ages. Let's see, since last December anyway.

If I could put a title to the last couple of years it would be 'ENDINGS'. Endings happen. Yup. But one right after the other is catching me off guard.

I have cared for multiple cats for sixteen years. Seven to be exact. As of last month they are all gone. Three of them gone in two years. Two put to sleep because of sickness and one, my last and youngest (12) just took off and hasn't come back. It is a very strange feeling. I have been anticipating their final days, wondering which one would go, how, and in what order. But it has happened and they are all gone from my life. I won't take in any more animals, but, instead, hold the dear memories of my 'friends'.

Grandchildren. Another ending. The oldest are both in grade school now. I hardly see them anymore. I was part of their care twice a week, picking them up from school, or staying with them while 'mom' slept after her night shift at the hospital. That ended last September.

My grand-twins have been in my care two days a week for two and a half years. Their mother is putting them in pre-school starting October 1st, on the days that I take care of them, Friday and Monday. Guess I can't complain, because I have been an advocate for pre-school simply because I know they must be prepared for their world. I am happy they will be going to work with 'Mom' and busy socializing all day, but I will miss them. Another 'ending'.

So here I sit and spend my day trying to figure out how to fill the void left by the inevitable endings. Hope I don't fill it with regret, only happy memories. I took lots of pictures everywhere we all went. I'm thinking my new hobby should be creating picture albums/scrapbooking.

I'm exhausted

Mother's Day. Excellent!
Gifts included:

Dinner at Bertucci's restaurant. I ordered the Fruti de Mare. Mussels, fish, shrimp. and a Limoncello w/Marzipan topping cake thing and cappuccino.

Various tea from Teavana. Nice.

Several pairs of Gardening gloves and Giradelli chocolates.

Money! Yay!

Gift certificate for JoAnn's Fabrics. May be useful.

Best of all, watching my children caring for their children, watching the young ones play and help each other while sharing a cold bottle of Pinot Grigio wine with co-grandmother Liz.

It's good to be a 'Gran'.


Spring will be here soon . . .

Some of pictures from our city community garden:

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snow of epic proportions?

The snow is now blocking the both exit doors in the house. The shovel is half buried, whoops, forgot that one. I went out with my trusty dust pan and cleared the front. It's all drifts. I've seen worse.

LJ rules!

I forgot how good my LJ friends make me feel. I've dumped Facebook.

Good health and good fortune to all my LJ friends!

love U!


Oh well, here comes a blizzard predicted to dump 2 ft of snow on us here in New England. I hate snow, I hate ice. I want chocolate.

Music in my head . . .

So I'm feeling a little low because life seems to be coming around again, same old feelings, same old memories, and I'm trying to go to sleep. The words ". . . And here I sit so patiently waiting to find out what price you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice. . ." start going through my head.

I know it comes from a Bob Dylan song so I searched Yahoo for the phrase. Seems I'm "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again."

It's been soooooo long . . .

I have been somewhere else, babies, sleeping (that's a good thing), cooking for my family. Don't know, but I've been out of touch.

Thank you violet r blu for your wonderful gift of well wishes. Hope you are well and survived Sandy. I'm watching "Signs' with Mel Gibson and soaking up every minute.

Twin Grandsons are doing great. Grandson #1 and Granddaughter #1 are doing awesome as well. I now have a Grand-puppy named Cassie. A beautiful little black Labrador.

Hi bosoxmom!